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“The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 has reinforced our strong impetus to, and provided clarity on the magnitude of, change.”
Managing Director,
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Our business model revolves around working closely with entrepreneurs to develop strategies that are radical and creative, yet practical, cost-effective and action-oriented. This model is based on four basic principles:

Our team of seasoned and talented professionals combines cross-industry perspective with deep specialist knowledge, extensive business experience, and broad networks of business leaders to empower entrepreneurs with business skills that enable them to produce solutions for successful businesses on their own. The ARMA team boasts of extensive experience working with small and medium sized companies as well as large corporates through its principals who are not only professional bankers, consultants, and trainers, but also managers and strategic investors in many successful private ventures. The team further benefits immensely from a pool of partners and associate consultants which allows for exchange of resources on a need-basis.


We work side by side with clients using an analytic approach to thoroughly examine each prospective business, emphasizing customer value premise, strategic positioning, competitive dynamics, business model sustainability, and management capability. We invariably start all assignments by working with clients to diagnose the intrinsic needs. We then brainstorm with the clients to generate action plans towards solving the needs identified. We subsequently provide strategic and operational support, in partnership with management, to implement the agreed action plans. Finally, we carry out an impact evaluation to determine our success.


The ARMA ethos is very much one of partnership with enterprises through the provision of hands-on, value driven, practical consultancy and advice on growth plans, problem solving, enterprise risk management, the raising of capital, management and succession plans, among others. This combination of ARMA’s analytic and strategic support and the availability of extensive resources provide the basis for a true partnership between management teams and ARMA to build businesses that deliver superior returns.


Our remuneration structure is not based upon the conventional scales that overload enterprises with straight line fees, but rather on earning a share of the value we bring into the business. Our fee structure will typically comprise a minimal retainer fee to cater for routine disbursements and a performance fee based upon incremental value brought into the business.


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