Development Advisory Services (DAS)

We have identified a need to leverage our private sector experience to develop solutions aimed at alleviating rural poverty. Our current focus is on the following:

This is a system of integrated and intelligent rural-based Agri-Logistics Network that is geared towards Rural Transformation and improvement of income for the rural communities through improvement in farm-level productivity, value addition, and market linkages.

An AGRO-PARK is anchored on a robust production-improvement system through such interventions as:

  1. R&D, Production of tissue-cultured plants and high quality seeds, and Quality Compliance Laboratories (QCL),
  2. Training and extension services, Turnkey agri-project implementations, wasteland transformation
  3. Use of irrigation systems (drip or sprinkler), green-houses, warehousing, cold storage facilities, and low-cost energy systems using appropriate technology e.g. solar, wind, bio-mass, etc.

For each value chain, we identify the key players as well as financing opportunities available to un-lock value for the value chains. The end-result is to attract investors to partner with existing players in these areas. We are currently working in Agricultural Value Chains to develop financing solutions focused on getting the optimal value for the farmers.

(also known as ethical or sustainable finance) is a branch of finance that deals with Investment activities that focus on companies or projects that are committed to the conservation of natural resources, the production and discovery of alternative energy sources, the implementation of clean air and water projects, and/or other environ- mentally conscious business practices. We are currently working with Strathmore Energy Research Centre to develop a best-practice Manual for use by Financial Institutions to facilitate lending to Green buildings i.e. buildings that:

  1. Efficiently use energy, water and other resources
  2. Protect occupant health and improve employee productivity
  3. Reduce waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

We are developing a two-in-one low cost housing solution i.e delivery of a low-cost housing product to anchor a low cost mortgage product.

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