Paul is a highly capable all-round Banking and Finance professional with special skills in Banking Strategy, Credit Management, Relationship Management, Credit Remedial Management and business turnaround. He brings on board over twenty-five years’ experience in the financial services industry. His specialization in evaluating and managing risk from SMEs to high-value complex relationships across a wide spectrum of companies provides him with unique insights to understanding the key drivers of business success and failure.

He has worked with businesses in Kenya and across the region including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Zambia covering a multiplicity of sectors and achieved positive outcomes to assure business sustainability for the long term.

Paul has a background in Economics from University of Nairobi and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from ESAMI/Maastrich Business School and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London. He sits on the Boards of Microfinance companies
and private companies.


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